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for once, a happy post

so, as pretty much everyone knows, i am going to graduate. basically, my advisor was wrong (or idk, maybe i didn't hear her) and i don't need to stay for another semester, just summer classes. if things hadn't gotten so messed up in january, i would have only needed two summer classes, but because of it, i need four, which does kinda suck. so i'm taking math and roots of english (my wavier class bc i dropped italian bc i was failing it) at ub in first session (holy crap that's alot in six weeks) and taking two theatre classes online, one from new paltz and one from oswego. i'm really not sure how i'm paying for all of this, but it's all good, because i get to walk in graduation (even if my name wont be in the program) and move on with my life.

i was okay with not going to graduation, but now that i am, i might be a little too excited about it. i mean, graduation is like the period at the end of a sentence-sure, you can not have one, but everyone does it and it's not right. it's all kosh now, so i just need to find a dress i can afford (because this is the most important thing, clearly) and find someplace for 8 of us to go for dinner afterwords (me, dan, mommy, babci, court, der and dan's parents and maybe my grandma penny, but tbh, i dont think she's gonna drive 2000 miles out here when she can just watch it online)

im losing out on my minor (and my open bar date with my life partner) but it's good. i'm happy. can't understand where time's gone, but im happy. i didn't get my job back at payless (lo and behold, the person i was to replace isn't quitting after all) but its okay, i really didnt want it back in the first place. i am going to work at the bookstore for a little while, since my fabulous sandy (one of the ladies i worked with at payless) is working there now and got me a job! it's only temporary, but it's something. idk, i'll figure it all out.

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